These are the measures that we will all follow to prevent the spread of COVID - 19. 


Please do not attend if any of your family members have any of the following symptoms which include: high temperature; prolonged dry cough; or loss of smell or taste.


Please can anyone travelling by car, park in Muddy Lane and enter via the gate. Please go straight to your allocated group that is colour coded and numbered.  There is a downloadable document

detailing groups on this page.


Toilets will be open.  The boys toilets are open for all students and will be deep cleaned before and after sessions.  Only one child in the changing room at a time.


All students will put belongings next to a cone in their group.  These are positioned 2 metres apart.

Coaches will spray the hands of all players with Hand Sanitiser at the start and finish of each session.


 All equipment will be cleaned before and after each session.


If you are cycling or walking, please use Barrington Lane entrance.


One parent to attend per one child.



Saturday Morning Football Grps 3rd April
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