Feedback / Testimonials

Thank you for the brilliant birthday party! The organisation and ease with which you ran the party was faultless, the children were engaged and having fun the whole time. You managed to get a group of children who didn't all know each other working as a teaam and cheering each other on. Harry loves the trophy that you gave him; it was the perfect end to a fabulous party. Thank you again! I can't recommend you highly enough!


Kate Astill



My son started playing and a week later his friend has joined, I personally have never seen such an amazing and well organised set up in teaching and letting children learn techniques and play football. Thankyou Paul and the team and they are looking forward to the Easter fun days.


Helen Ruggles




Amazing place for young players to start their football...  Well organised and very inclusive, It does not matter about ability, they cater for everyone. A great model for the for progression. FA take note!!


Richard Atkinson 




I have to agree with the previous comment. My sons confidence has gone through the roof because of the great work that Grassroots do with the youngsters. His confidence goes further than just the football pitch. He's behaviour has improved in school and at home, Highly recommend it!!


Lisa Harris




Both my boys love the game of football and so do we. But as parents, we have made the decision not to allow them to join a club because we feel that the Premier League sets a very bad example of how to play a sport. There is no respect at any level for the referee or fellow players, the players have hugely over-inflated views of themselves, and the amounts of money the players earn only cements everybody's opinions that they are in fact public heroes to be adored. We are disgusted by what we see on the television and also on the touchline from parents. It is so sad that FIFA are too lame to address the problems with any sort of determination.  But Grassroots Soccer is a breathe of fresh air.

We have sent out boys to Grassroots for years because we totally support their approach to teaching the game. They make it fun and educational, but also will not tolerate any of the bad behaviour we so often see the professional players setting as examples.  Thank you for keeping our faith and providing hope that one day things will change for the better at grassroots level.