Just a reminder to all parents that this Summer Course is for fun and is not an elite school. We are an inclusive school and welcome all abilities.



Grassroots are running a JW19 Summer Soccer School at St Christopher School.

We have put a number of rules in place for the safety of GRS staff, players, parents and guests against COVID 19.


All staff and students are required to carry out a Lateral Flow Test the evening before attending this course.  This ensures that we can carry out the course safely for all students and staff.


Book with confidence. Should you test positive for COVID or need to isolate we will

credit the days missed against another holiday course.


Please read and follow the rules and guidelines carefully.


1)      If the government were to impose restrictions that make it impossible for us to run the event, then   GRS will cancel the event and it will be rescheduled.

2)     Do NOT bring your child if they are showing any of the symptoms outlined by the NHS.

3)     We will phone you if your child is showing any of the symptoms during the week and contact all     those who have been in contact with this child.

4)     Note – Due to the guidelines we are restricted to the field ONLY and have separate toilets for   coaches, boys and girls.

5)    Please park down Muddy Lane and go through the gate at the bottom of the road. 

6)     Parent and players walking or cycling will use the main school entrance and those who are   dropping off players who have booked early and late pick-ups.

7)    Your child's group will be displayed by the pavilion.  All pitches will be coloured coded and numbered and your child will have a designated area to put all their belongings.

8)    Please ensure that your child has a packed lunch, at least 1 litre of drink (Non-Fizzy), waterproof,  sun cream and a hat.

9)   Any epipen and inhalers must be placed on top of bag and coach informed.   

10)  All players must wear shin pads and bring football boots/trainers.

11)   Please bring a plastic bag to place their bag in; if it rains. (No belongings will go indoors).

12)   The groups will be spread around the field. Two groups will work closely with each other and will    play a mixed game in the afternoon, following FA guidelines of no more than 30 in a group.

13)   At lunch time, all players will sit in their designated areas 1 metre apart. (Designated area will be in the shape of a horse shoe, so they can still interact with each other).

14)   All rubbish from packed lunch must go home with them.

15)   If first aid needs to be administered, then qualified first aiders will use gloves and a mask.

16)   No child will go to the toilet on their own, a coach and another member of staff will police and   clean all areas that the children come into contact with.

17)   At the end of the week there will be a whole group awards presentation. Each player will receive a trophy.

18)   At the end of the day all equipment will be washed down, ready for the next day.


BUT most of all come down and have lots of fun and laughter, please go through these guidelines with your children. My aim for the week is to keep COVID low key, but ensure we run the course safely. Any concerns please contact me or visit our customer service tent on the field.